Day 49 - What I am currently doing as a code newbie and possibly you should do to

January 05, 2020 | 6 minutes read

A little about myself

As mentioned before in my previous blog posts, I am a code newbie with just over 2 months of experience in HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I am currently playing around with ReactJS by following "The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)" course by Andrew Mead on Udemy. Other than learning how to code, here are a few things I am currently doing that I believe will help me become a successful web developer.

1. Commit to 100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter

Committing to the 100DaysofCode challenge will allow you to stay on track, meet people with the same level of experience as you and receive help whenever necessary. But most important of all, you will start to realise you are not alone in this. This is a feeling I had to keep fighting because I thought being 27 is way to late to start programming as my husband Foysal wrote his first line of code when he was 19 and now he is 27 with 8 years of experience. But if you surround yourself with people who are also committed to the same challenge, you will realise people of all ages are learning how to code and it's never too late. I am currently on my 49th day and as soon I finish my first round I am hoping to start a second because I really feel like it just keeps me going!

2. Reduce procrastination

I have come across people who looks for excuses to delay their learning process. Some of the scenarios are like the followings:

  • I will start on New Year
  • I will start on my Birthday
  • I wil start from the beginning of the month

By the time the day of your choice arrives you are more likely to loose motivation than gain it. So I highly recommend you to just start, its as simple as that! Whether you are planning to change your career or look for a job in this sector, today is the day to start learning, not tomorrow, not on your birthday, not in the beginning of the month! It's Today! So let's get going!

3. Consistency

You may have a part-time/full-time job, university, kids, cooking, chores or other things to do in your day to day life and that's okay. In the very beginning, try not to overwhelm yourself with too much information instead do less but stay consistent. The way I am currently learning is by coding for 2-3 hours everyday without any break. I make sure I write at least a few lines of code everyday instead of working for a longer period within a day and end up taking a break the next day. This way the information I receive from tutorials stay short and memorable.

4. Apply to jobs

I don't have a job yet but I am constantly applying and I believe you should do the same even if you are not ready yet. Applying to jobs at an early stage was highly recommended by an author in an article I was reading through once. Sure, you/I are more likely to get rejected than to get hired but at least we get to learn the process of applying as early as possible. Also we both think that we don't know enough to apply to jobs just yet but once we do know enough, it's not like we will land on a job within a week. So why not apply as early as possible and learn both the language and process of job application simultaneously?

5. Join Meetups

I know, I know! We are very shy and we hate meeting people and talking to them about languages we just have basic ideas on makes it even harder but I believe this will extremely come in handy specially when it comes to our first job. A word of mouth always gets you a quicker job than applying online. But that is not the only advantage! We also get to meet people with similar experience as ours, discuss about our projects and most of all make new friends in our local area.

6. Write Blog posts

This is what I am doing right now! I am feeling like everything I have written so far in this post might be useless and wouldn't help anyone but I am still here writing about it. I have been coding for over two months and I have already received a few emails from companies asking me if I am interested in a certain position. Unfortunately all the positions require on-site presence and I will not be able to relocate at the moment but the first thing they mention when they reach out is "hey I have read your blog posts on" and that gave me a huge confidence boost so I decided to write more blog posts and would ask you to do the same.

7. Be active on Twitter

Of course within a certain limit so that you don't get carried away. Follow experienced developers as well as developers that are currently learning just like you. If you come across anything that's interesting to you or you have learnt something new from someone's post, make sure you let them know by leaving a comment every once in a while, which can be a starting point to make friends with someone. Don't be afraid to send them a personal message asking more about the current projects they are working on and if they would like to stay in contact. YES! I know it gets awkward at times but that's just how it is!

Now I possibly wouldn't have put this as a point unless I have made a very good friend through Twitter. On November 7th, 2019 Mikey sent me a message asking if we should start our 100DaysOfcode challenge together. I was in vacation in Denmark back then so I asked if he would mind waiting until 18th as I will be back from vacation on 17th Nov, 2019. So we started the challenge together straight away on 18th! Now this was unexpected but me and Foysal had to go to Frankfurt in December and Mikey happens to be living only an hour away from Frankfurt, so we planned for a get together and he was kind enough to come to Frankfurt to meet us both. Right now we are extremely good friends and we share our knowledge about food, country, culture, religion and programming all the time, which is amazing.

That is all from me today and what I am doing currently on my day to day life. I would love to add more to this so let me know if you are doing anything else other than the ones I have mentioned above to become a successful developer.