Jarme App

Diary, Mood Tracker, Journal, Notes, Memories

The history behind Jarme

Me and my husband were in a long distance relationship for quite some time until to tied the knot in November 2016. He was in Italy and I was in UK so we could barely afford to meet each other. But the time we managed to spend together was extremely precious which is why we wanted to keep a memory of every single thing we did together, so we started looking for diary apps on play store. But the apps that were available back then was not very colourful or eye catching and didn’t have all the features we wanted, which is why we decided to build our own diary app. With my husband’s web development experience and my designing skills, we started designing the app in May 2016.

Why is Jarme called Jarme?

So it was our something (don't remember because we didn't have Jarme back then haha) anniversary coming up and I decided to surprise him by writting a few memories in pieces of papers and putting them in a jar. But I realised we have a lot of memories together but don't remember the specifics of it such as date, time or location. This was also another reason why we decided to build Jarme and also where the name come from. Jarme is short for Jar Memories!

Okay so now lets talk about the design.....

Design tools

Initially back in 2016, I designed Jarme using Photoshop. But I soon realised that Photoshop is not very suitable for UI/UX designing, which is why I moved into Sketch which is more of a UI/UX design oriented software. Now, there are a few reasons why I chose Sketch and one of them was because of its clean interface and the ease of use. But moving from a heavy software like Photoshop to a simpler version took some time to get used to.

Software used: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator & Adobe After Effects

Sketch Plugins

Sketch is an extremely simple design tool that only contains the basic features that are necessary to get started with the design. However, the whole design process requires a few plugins that can make any designer's life a lot easier and time effective. Here are the following plugins I have used while designing Jarme:

  • Find & Replace
  • Icon Font
  • Lorem Ipsum
  • Craft
  • Prism
  • Icon Font

Font choice

When it comes to choosing a font for Jarme, Google fonts has always been my first choice. One of the main advantage of using Google font is that, its completely FREE for anyone to use with over 680 font families to choose from. Google fonts also do not require any licencing meaning the fonts can be used for personal and commercial purposes with no restriction whatsoever.

Jarme font: Roboto


Jarme was developed using Ionic framework hence the icon choice was also from the Ionic provided Ionicons. These icons were extremely easy to play around with as they can be easily downloaded as font through Icon font plugin.

Icon Choice: Ionicons

Design Inspirations

Dribbble, Uplabs, Behance, Pinterest